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When To Get Oil Change Service

There is a great deal of contrasting information out there about how long cars can go between oil change services. The general rule of thumb is that vehicles with conventional oil can go about 3,000 miles or 3 months between oil change services. Vehicles with fully synthetic or semi-synthetic oil can go a little longer – about 5,000 miles or 5 months. Always remember to refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If the intervals quoted in the owner’s manual or the intervals specified by a technician are different, follow those instead of the general rule.

If you’re looking to get an oil change service at a Rock Hill, SC car dealership instead of a local quick lube shop, look no further than the Toyota of Rock Hill Service Center. If you’re not sure whether or not your vehicle needs an oil change service, we’d be happy to take a look and let you know. Come into our Rock Hill Toyota dealership today.

Benefits Of An Oil Change Service

Most drivers in the Rock Hill, SC area and beyond know that regular oil change services are vital for the health of their vehicle’s engines. Also, pretty much everyone knows that the oil’s main function is to lubricate the engine’s internals. However, not many people know that oil is also important for keeping the engine cool, especially during demanding driving. Even fewer people know that the oil filter is responsible for removing foreign particles that could end up actually damaging the engine if left in there long enough.

Learn more about the various benefits of an oil change service when you bring your vehicle into the premier Rock Hill, SC car dealership – Toyota of Rock Hill.

Oil change service and auto repair are offered at Toyota of Rock Hill near York, SC

Types Of Automotive Oil

There are 3 main types of automotive oil that are commonly used in oil change services. Firstly, conventional oil is the most cost-effective form of oil but also the least durable. Synthetic oil is a bit pricier but lasts longer and may even lubricate the engine more effectively. Semi-synthetic oil is a compromise between these 2 varieties. High-mileage oil is also popular. This specialized kind of automotive oil is either synthetic or semi-synthetic. It includes sealants, which swell the engine’s seals to slow or stop leaks.

Ask the techs at Toyota of Rock Hill which type of oil is right for your vehicle. Get an oil change service today and experience the difference that the right kind of oil makes.

Genuine Toyota Oil & Filters

Another thing that sets Toyota of Rock Hill apart is our commitment to using genuine Toyota oil and filters. Toyota produces its own oil and filters to ensure that these vital automotive maintenance components are made to the highest standards. Also, it’s important to note that there are many different types of oil filters out there. When you take your vehicle to a service center that uses the filters straight from Toyota, you can rest assured that these filters will fit properly and do the job of removing foreign particles from inside the engine. If you take your vehicle to a quick lube shop, it’s unlikely that they will use the oil and filter that Toyota manufactured for your vehicle.

As an authorized Toyota service center, we are proud to use genuine Toyota oil and filters. These items are designed specifically for your vehicle’s engine, unlike the generic oil and filters often used by quick lube shops. Take your vehicle into Rock Hill Toyota for an oil change service today.

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Drivers near York, Chester, and elsewhere in the Rock Hill, SC area can come into the factory-authorized service center at our Toyota dealership in Rock Hill. Here, we can perform maintenance work like oil change services as well as all types of auto repair. Our website makes it easy for you to schedule an appointment at a time that works perfectly for your schedule. If you find yourself in the area with some time on your hands, we’re more than happy to take walk-ins. No matter what your auto repair or maintenance needs may be, Toyota of Rock Hill has got you covered. We look forward to putting your vehicle back in tip-top shape and getting you back on the road in no time flat. Bring your vehicle into our Rock Hill, SC car dealership today for quality service.